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Architectural Rendering / Animation Development Process

Drawgate's architectural renderings project process is designed to be simple, efficient and convenient for our clients. We develop the models with clients in minds. We minimize clients' input as little as possible; therefore, save their time and money. Our client have full control over the architectural rendering development. Clients may comment anytime to revise the rendering. Customer's satisfaction is always our first priority. When you are in Drawgate's hands, you are in good hands. Drawgate's architectural renderings won't let you down either in quality or services. We have 5 steps for easy rendering development.

Step 1 - Initial Contact

Client request quote from Drawgate. Our staff will contact you to discuss your architectural renderings or animation needs within 12 hours either by phone or email. (Animation Details will be explained in details by our staff when requested.)

Step 2 - Receive Data from client

Client supplies all architectural renderings or animation project pertinent information (including but not limited CAD drawings, PDF files, hand sketches, or photos)

Site Plan

Floor Plan

Front Elevation

Right Elevation

Client Project Requirements.
Material and Color:
Clients may supply pictures for material and material color, or pick material and material color from our material sample page.
Viewing Angle / Camera Position:
Clients specify the viewing angle for the model. Client may request different angles for model view before deciding final viewing angle.
Clients may describe the surrounding elements that need to be incorporated into the renderings. For example, people, trees, signs, terrain type, climate, and etc.
Client may supply high resolution photos for photo integration.

Step 3 - Agreements

We will give you precise fee and estimated project completion time base on your requirements. Projects begin upon receiving your written agreements and authorization. We will assign an unique project number to you. When discussing the project, please refer the assigned number to us.

Step 4 - Model building

Model View For Structural Approval

Model With Materials and Colors

Final Rendering


Step 5 - Client Approval

Once client has finished revisions and is satisfied with the product, the project is closed.


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