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Architectural Renderings | Architectural Illustration | Architectural Animation

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Architectural Renderings / Illustration

  Drawgate is proud to present complete architectural rendering and illustration services. We render and animate commercial and residential projects with distinguishable quality. Each project is carried out precisely according to client's instructions and requirements. Drawgate understands unique needs from our customers. No matter whether it is a simple architectural rendering or an animation, we will assure you to receive the best products and services possible.

Architectural Renderings - Commercial


Architectural Illustration - Residential

  A perfect rendering can sell multi-million dollar commercial projects with minimum efforts. A good rendering is worth thousands of words when presenting your designs intuitively. See for yourself how drawgate's renderings can help.   Drawings can be difficult for people without professional training to understand.  Drawgate's architectural illustration easily turns the floor plan and elevations  into a vivid life like images.  

Architectural Illustration - Interior


Architectural Renderings - Photomontage

  Tell people what's going to be in the room may not be enough for those who lack of architectural knowledge to comprehend. With Drawgate's interior renderings, everything is shown in a realistic way.   When the existing building cannot be removed from a site, what's the solution to show futher structure? Drawgate's Photomontage gives the answers. This service greatly helps to win neighbor community and government approval for the future development.  

Architectural Renderings - Digital Hand Drawn


Architectural Illustration - 2D to 3D Conversion

  Drawgate has created unique techniques to digitally mimic hand drawn styles that are found in traditional architectural illustration.   With no CAD files required, our team can convert your hand sketches and photos to a photo-realistic rendering with desired environment.  

Architectural Illustration - Site Plan Color Up


Architectural Renderings - Elevation Color Up

  Black and white site plan can be hard to read. Drawgate eliminate all the unnecessary elements in the construction site plan and renders it to a colorful image. Building, streets, parking spaces, and trees are all easily seen.   The most cost and time effective way to add some life to your building is to put colors onto it. Drawgate's elevation color-up service bears the budget and time constraints in minds.  

Architectural Rendering - Artistic Style

  Drawgate's architectural rendering style are not only realistic but also aesthetically pleasing. We provide different rendering styles at your choices.      
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